Are you a Personal Trainer?

Fighting Felicity

Would you like to:

- TEACH proper punching technique to your clients - including stance, footwork, jab, cross, uppercut and hook?

- HAVE all the combos AND a simple workout format so you never have to "make it up as you go along"?

- LEARN the safe, authentic way to hold pads - so you become known as a Fitness Boxing Pro Trainer, not a "boutique boxing PT"?


Then the standard Boxout program can help you, as a Personal Trainer, in 3 essential ways:

1. Boxout teaches you how to punch - the right way

2. Boxout teaches you how to hold pads - the right way

3. Boxout shows you authentic formats - not "box aerobics"

Or get the PRO version of Boxout - for an extra $9.95

You can now get the PRO version of Boxout - especially for Personal Trainers - for just $9.95 more than the standard version. The PRO version includes everything in the standard Boxout PLUS you get the "Teach Like a PRO" pack - with 5 Trainers Secrets - including the best cues, combos and technique tips from Patrick Moore to make you a safer, better and more professional Fitness Boxing Trainer. Here's some background about Patrick Moore - the "Trainers Trainer".

In addition to creating Boxout, Patrick Moore is also Master Trainer at Fitness Boxing International (FBI) - which trains and accredits Personal Trainers in Australia and around the world. Take a 2 minute sneak peak at Patrick Moore training 110 Personal Trainers at Fitcom, Europe's largest health club chain:


What's the difference between BOXOUT and BOXOUT PRO?

The PRO version of includes everything you get with the standard Boxout (plus bonuses), but you also get the "Teach like a PRO" pack - which has Patrick Moore's top 5 Trainers' Secrets - normally only for Personal Trainers who do Patrick Moore's $300+ PT PRO one day Trainers accreditation course, through Fitness Boxing International.

Sample page from program

Sample page from program

Here's the 5 Trainer's secrets you get in the Boxout PRO version - for just $9.95 AUD extra:

Trainers Secret #1 = The Combos: 21 combos + 20 bonus combos

All the 21 combos and Cardio moves from the DVD + CD printed out for you out on a handy one page sheet - eg L+R+LH+R (LH means left hook). And we'll "throw in" another 20 combos - in addition to the ones on the DVD/CD. So you get 41 combos - that's a lot of combos !


Trainers Secret # 2 = How to Teach a Beginner: Top 15 Technique Tips & Cues

Beginners are the most challenging to teach. You've got to keep it simple, fun and "paint a picture" for them. This Secret has 15 verbal cues (fun, memorable words) that work. Eg: "corkscrew the fist" , "no chicken wings" and more...


Trainers Secret #3 = OOPS ! I did it again: The 12 most common Trainers errors and how to fix them.

These 'dirty dozen' bloopers can injure you, your clients and your reputation. eg: pushups with boxing gloves/pads on (take 'em off), whacking back with the pads (instead of catching) and more. Get it right - and protect yourself and your clients.


Trainers Secret #4 = Handwraps and Equipment guide: How to put on handwraps & all you need to know about buying the right gear.

You get an illustrated hand wrap guide and answers to the most common questions about gear: For example: The difference between bag gloves and boxing gloves? Which is the best weight glove for Fitness Boxing? What about focus pads - curved or straight?


Trainers Secret #5 = Fitness Boxing for Women: 10 things you need to know.

Patrick Moore has trained approx 50 000 people since 1994 - and 70% of them have been women. Now you can learn his top 10 Fitness Boxing Training strategies for Women. For example, Tip #7: How women can engage the hips and legs when they punch? Tip #9: What to do about size differences when pairing up?

Patrick Moore & The World's largest Health Club Chain

Patrick Moore and Fitness Boxing International (FBI) were selected by the word's largest Fitness Club Chain - Fitness First (Fitcom in Europe) - as the preferred provider for their thousands of Personal Trainers. Why? Because he trains Personal Trainers the authentic way. See what Fitness First says about Patrick Moore's FBI Train the Trainer courses:

Fitness First Reference

Reference letter from Fitness First - click to enlarge.

One Hot Round: See How Patrick Trains a red hot female fitness boxer

Connect Reference

Feedback from PT about DVD/iPOD workouts - click to enlarge.

Patrick Moore training the Trainers in Europe's largest health club chain - Fitcom.

Patrick Moore training the Trainers in Europe's largest health club chain - Fitcom.

Boxout PRO is the best choice for Trainers - but even if you just go for the standard Boxout for Home use, you can still learn dozens of tips, techniques and combos - and of course you will have your own home practice program - so you can stay fighting fit too.

The TOP TEN Trainer Benefits you will get from the standard Boxout program (even if you don't order the PRO version)

1. You will learn the 5 essential boxing basics (on DVD) - including stance, balance, footwork, and how to make a proper fist.

2. You will learn how to throw the jab, cross, hook and uppercut. Now you can demo for your clients and give them the right cues.

3. You will learn the exact pad holding positions for each of the above punches. Correct pad technique means injury prevention for you and your client - and allows you to hold for bigger clients - and "heavy hitters".

4. You will see what good boxing form looks like from some of Boxout's best, mostly female, students. Good form in boxing is like good form in any other sport - it's safer, more effective - and it looks better too!

5. You will see the same proven Fitness Boxing format Patrick Moore uses - 3 minute rounds, 2-3 "set combos" in each round. Use it again and again, and simply slot in new combos - now you always have a structure. We have been using this format exclusively for the last 6 years - for both the general public & PT accreditation through FBI. It's easy to learn - and it works!

6. You will never run out of combo ideas again. Patrick has discovered these over the last 15 years from the ring and refined them for use in Fitness Boxing. These combos are the real deal -and they all you will ever need.

7. You will see the authentic way to teach a group format. You wont find any star jumps, sky-punching, running around or endless pushups. That's not boxing. What you will get is Patrick Moore's entire 10 Round Authentic Fitness Boxing format - the 45 minute class was filmed live - and is yours on DVD. Every move, every combo led by Patrick with 8 talented Fitness Boxers following on. Patrick uses this same format for one-on-one training, groups and for his Train the Trainer Courses for PTs.

8. You will see a one minute pad safety demo (PADPAL) - that you can use to protect you and your clients.

9. You can join our online worldwide Fitness Boxing community - and get technique, updates and be inspired.

10. You will see an authentic 3 round boxing warm up using Shadow Boxing - the forgotten boxing skill among many PTs

Order online and you can get the PRO version of Boxout for an extra $9.95 AUD Even just THE COMBOS alone are worth five times that price - because now you've got authentic content for your boxing sessions - for ever ! And of course you still get all the other FREE bonuses included with the standard Boxout Program.

For list of Boxout Standard inclusions see THE PRODUCT PAGE


Both packages now include $5 SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for a limited time!

Patrick Training

PS. - a quick note from Patrick Moore, the Trainers' Trainer

The 3 Golden Rules for Personal Trainers teaching boxing

Hi - When I held my first Boxout Fitness Boxing class in an old boxing gym back in 1994, only one person showed up ! Since then, boxing for fitness has boomed. I have now personally taught over 50 000 people, most of them women, including many hundreds of Personal Trainers worldwide - and almost every PT and health club now runs boxing classes too. However, boxing technique among Personal Trainers is often poor, even embarrassing. Here's why: Hardly any of the hundreds of money focused PT Courses out there bother to teach student PTs how to punch or hold pads. Do these courses even know how? "Boxing" has become running around the room, star jumps and endless push ups (with pads and gloves on - ouch!). Thats not boxing - and your clients deserve better!

Here's the Good news: Fitness Boxing can be learned by Personal Trainers. Whether you get my program or learn it another way, please remember my 3 Golden Rules for Personal Trainers teaching Boxing.

Golden Rule #1 Learn to Box (you can't teach what you don't know)

Golden Rule #2 Learn to hold Focus Pads (properly!)

Golden Rule #3 Use an Authentic Format (3 minute rounds, proper combos and good technique)

Follow these 3 Golden rules and you will be known as a Fitness Boxing PRO - I guarantee it!

In your corner,

Patrick Moore