Success Stories: How Boxout gets you Fighting Fit

Adrian & Cassandra Kwa

Adrian & Cassandra

Age: Mid 20's (Married)

Been doing Boxout together for: 3 months

Best Result


There's definitely a big result in terms of muscle definition around the shoulders and the back. It's a big difference.


Yeah, you can tell. He's always in front of the mirror.


Oh, thanks very much.

Why we Boxout?

It's fun. It's not like you're trying actually to box each other like real boxers. You're just trying to work out and have fun. It's very supportive.

On Patrick Moore and Boxout

The biggest help was learning the right technique from Patrick. He showed us what muscles to use and when we punch how to hit properly and that made a big difference.

Best tip for Getting Started & Getting Results

Just give it a go. I think it helps when you have someone with you so you can work out together and keep each other motivated. The first few times you always think to yourself - oh, I can't hold the pads properly. You feel really down but as you just stick with it and get better and better and then when you get really good then you realize it's just so much better - and you work out harder.

Silke Hansen

Silke H

Age: 31

Occupation: Consultant

Lives: Berlin, Germany

About the Boxout CD / ipod workout

There's much more in the Boxout DVD/CD than you first think. As I know the moves now I no longer use the DVD - I just use the CD workouts.

After using the CD for over a year, I'm still not bored by it. I actually look forward to my Boxing workouts - I'm still learning and still sweating.

Boxing by myself

I normally do the 5 round audio workout as cross training after running - which takes about 20 mins. I rotate the 3 workouts - mostly I do workout 3 - it's the most advanced. I put it on my stereo, play it and shadow box toward a mirror - often with a rubber "shadow boxing" resistance device, to make it harder.

Best Result

Now that I know the combos, I can focus on my technique again. This means I punch better every time (or try to!) - so I get fitter. I feel stronger.

With a partner

I have also used the audio workouts with a partner. I transferred the tracks to my ipod, rang a friend and we went outside to a park and boxed with pads and gloves. In the winter we train indoors - and use the CD player, so we both can hear. Outdoors we use the ipod. Whoever is the pad holder has one headphone in one ear and they repeat the combos to the puncher. It times the rounds, gives us a structure and pushes us harder. It works well!

Hear a sample - CD/mp3 workout

Joanna Preece


Age: 25

Occupation: Magazine Publishing

Been doing Boxout for: 6 years

Lives: Northern Beaches, Sydney

Best Result

I'm definitely more toned, got better all round fitness and I'm much more confident.

Why I Boxout

At the end of a hard day at work when I'm just so flat and exhausted and all I want to do is curl up on the couch. But I drag myself up to boxing and I always feel better.

What Jo says about Patrick Moore and the Boxout Program

Patrick gives you all those little sayings which definitely helps. Like "light and tight", and "put out that cigarette with your back foot". He relates them to other things in real life, so you're kind of getting an idea of why he's saying that.

Best tip for Getting Started & Getting Results

Just keep training - don't be intimidated - don't think I can't be bothered tonight, just turn up every day that you decide to train. Just keep on training and after a while you'll find it hard to stop.

Stephanie Parrander

Stephanie P

Age: 24

Occupation: Public Relations

Lives: Canberra, Australia

Been doing Boxout for: 3 years

Best Result

Throwing a punch makes me feel good - and it's been getting me a whole lot fitter.

Why I Boxout?

Throwing a punch makes me feel good: Like sort of satisfied - it is really relaxing as well. I've only just finished studying so it was a really good escape to calm down. I find it's quite cathartic - like it makes you forget everything else and makes you focus.

On Patrick Moore and the Boxout Program

Boxout gets you going. It really makes me feel like getting up instead of just lazing around the house doing nothing.

Best tip for Getting Started & Getting Results

Just stick with it. It does take a little while to really get into it and feel like you are getting somewhere but I think if you do stick with it and just sort of take your time, I think you'll be fine.

Ioni D & Hamish Duncan

Ioni and Hamish

Age: Early 30's (with 2 children)

Ioni: Public Relations

Hamish: Management

Been doing Boxout together for: 3 years

Best Result:

"I'm in the smallest pair of jeans I've ever been in. The post-baby body is gone. I've lost weight and I have muscle."

Ioni, 32, took up Boxout after having 2 kids

I've lost weight and I'm definitely a size down in my wardrobe - my wardrobe has been shrinking in the last two years.

Hamish 34, took up Boxout to keep up with Ioni!

Why we Boxout


Boxout gives me a lot more confidence and amazing fitness. The (post baby) body has gone, I've lost weight and I have muscle. I used to run and I'd feel everything shaking so I don't feel that anymore, I feel a lot tighter and just so much fitter. It's not a problem pushing the pram up the hill, it's not a problem walking with the children, everything is really easy in my physical life which I really love feeling. I think I'm in the smallest pair of jeans I've ever been in, which is really good..


It wasn't my idea - it was Ioni's. Ioni just had our second child and she wanted to lose some weight, and I think it must have been a friend mentioning boxing. I'm not much for the flashy gym I just want to do the hard work and not have too many egos around and this is the place for it. It's very relaxed, it's easy going and it's a good hardworking atmosphere.

On Patrick Moore and the Boxout Program


Patrick is such an inspiring teacher and I think it's really hard to find good teachers in anything. So I think we are very lucky to have him. Patrick is all goodness and encouragement - he's really an amazing person and amazing for his students. He's been so nurturing and helping us develop and feel confident enough to do that. I'm just endlessly appreciative.

Best tip for Getting Started & Getting Results

Be patient. It took us a little while - it probably took a month until we really were very committed and addicted to it.

Once you make it a habit it becomes part of you life and it always becomes quite straight forward to do. You miss it when you have a week off.

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Tania Frampton


Age: 38

Occupation: Management

Been Doing Boxout for: 6 months

Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

Best Result

I find peace through boxing.

In 5 months since this interview Tania has lost 23kgs (that's 50 pounds), and has a new positive lease on life.

Why I Boxout?

I've been suffering from depression for a while now, and I recently put on 20 pounds (10kg). That's my motivation to start fitness boxing. Professionally I'm successful, but personally and privately it been a bit of a turbulent life.

How does Boxing make me feel?

Exhilarated is probably a good word for it, just incredibly empowering when you actually do it right - it is just a sense of amazing achievement. When you don't have a sense of control in other aspects of your life, you start punching, and you're in control. So starting boxing was more about trying to lose weight and get fit again, but now it's the one place where I feel like I'm in control.

On Patrick Moore and Boxout

I beat myself up when I can't get the combination exactly right. But with Patrick its not failure - it's just growth.

Best tip for Getting Started & Getting Results

Letting go, just not thinking about it. Just believing you can do it. Because the more I think about it the more I uptight I get and the worse I get. So just letting go completely - that does it.

Rowena Solomons

Rowena S

Age: 27

Occupation: Insurance consultant (& competitive swimmer)

Been doing Boxout for: 2 years

Best Result

I definitely feel 100% fit and that fitness transfers across into my swimming. Also, I have lost quite a bit of weight from Boxout. I've lost about 10 kilos (22 pounds), so that's awesome for me.

Why I Boxout?

It's a good feeling. It's a natural high so it gets your adrenalin going. It's a good release and it just makes me smile.

On the Boxout Program

It's great to get your heart rate up but it's also great for technique. So each time I come I feel like I'm still learning different things - I can improve on power and strength and fitness as well.

Best tip for Getting Started & Getting Results

Stick it out. The first couple of weeks can be intimidating because you don't know the moves and you don't know the combinations. Once you get those combinations and you get those moves it makes it a lot easier and the long-term results speak for themselves.

Sonja Rischer


Age: 34

Occupation: Retail Display Designer

Been doing Boxout for: 2 years

Born: Hamburg, Germany

Lives: Vancouver, Canada

Best Result

"Boxing is special for a woman. You get this empowering feeling that you can actually punch."

Why I Boxout?

I've done the treadmill thing and aerobics but it just didn't do it for me - it's boring - you run, but you go nowhere. With boxing you've got the interaction. You get to punch and have fun. There's nothing else that gives me such a good work as boxing.

What about Patrick Moore and the Boxout program?

I think the right trainer is the key - Patrick is somebody who makes you feel special and somebody who motivates you. Boxout is a good system because in the beginning there's shadow boxing while you're doing the warm up. Then we pair up, glove up and actually punch - that's when you can apply what you've learned.

Best tip for Getting Started & Getting Results

Learn how to throw a good punch - learn how to do it properly. Also holding the pads is not just holding the pads - there is a way of holding pads, which is important too.

Margaret Peterkin

Margaret P

Age: 28

Occupation: Nutritionist

Home Country: Scotland

Been Doing Boxout for: 2 years (+Muay Thai for 2 years before that)

Best Result

Fitness ! - it increases your fitness ten fold because you're working out with skill and reason and the more technique you use the more intense it gets, so it doesn't actually get easier, it gets harder. But you get better.

Why I Boxout

Because it's Authentic. Most men don't think girls can punch - so they get a bit surprised when they see me in action. We use good technique - so we are actually punching properly as well as getting fit.

Best tip for Getting Started & Getting Results

When you punch you've got to ground yourself with your core. So you've got to ground your body and use the power from your legs - then twist your hip and your feet into the punch.

Felicity Doherty

Felicity D & Ioni

Sisters, Felicity (left) and Ioni

Age: 30

Occupation: Medical Practitioner

Lives: Melbourne, Australia

Best Result

I find it very hard to get motivated to go for a jog or run, go swimming. Boxing is the only sport that I've found I enjoy. "Physically, mentally, emotionally - boxing is beneficial on every level. That focus has helped me develop clarity in other areas of my life"

Why I Boxout

A while back I was in some emotional turmoil- which is why I started fitness boxing. I had a focus - so I could put everything else to the side and focus on going hard at it, sweating it out. Then all the chemicals and the serotonin levels kick in - you feel better about things. You feel better about yourself - it empowers you to take control of things a bit more. That's how I felt.

Best tip for Getting Started and Getting Results

It is hard, especially the first month to get out there and keep getting out there. I found having a partner in crime very good(my sister), because if she wasn't going then I would probably slack off as well. So I think having a buddy to do it with is really good.

Dave Ellis

Dave E

Age: 31

Occupation: Auditor

Been doing Boxout for: 4 months

Home town: Vancouver, Canada

Also loves: Mountain biking, surfing, hiking

Best Result

The best results are the ones you can see. Even just today actually I learned totally new technique for my right cross which means twice as much power and the same amount of effort - I was so stoked.

About Patrick Moore

He's focused, he's intense but it's all positive - it's a brilliant combination. I've played competitive sports my whole life and I've had very few coaches that were as positive and able to motivate you without scaring you. There is no comparison to somebody who is involved with professional boxers and martial arts - like Patrick is. It's awesome.

About using the Boxout DVD + CD

We've got a big living room so we watch it and train there - or we go down to the beach and hit up there. There's also more complex combos in the CD/ipod - so we can hit those up outdoors too.

Rika Latham


Age: 32

Occupation: American Express

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Best Result

People think I must be so fit. But I can also say that I'm tougher mentally, because you have to be mentally tough as well as physically tough - and never give up. Although you're tired you still keep punching.

Why I Boxout

I actually loved it from the beginning because I was already a member of they gym and I find it a bit boring sometimes just to be on a treadmill and things like that, and I wasn't very motivated and I need someone to push me. So boxing is good. It's not really our culture (in Japan), but having said that fitness boxing is getting so popular - especially for women.

Best tip for Getting Started and Getting Results

Do it. Try it!

Samantha Lesteval

Samantha L

Age: 15

Occupation: High School

Been doing Boxout for: 4 years

Best Result

I like the Power. It feels great when you crack a pad with a great punch and you have definite power going through your whole body.

Why I Boxout?

It gives your mind a lot more to do. You have to keep your mind active as well as your body. You can just make your punch much more powerful and much better if you understand the mechanism behind it - then you increase your power and your speed and your fitness.

Best tip for Getting Started and Getting Results

Get your punches right at the start. With the upper cut, definitely bending the legs. I've seen way too many people just use only their arm and think that the power comes from their shoulder, but you really have to just get down there and push up with your legs in order to get that power. It's the same on the right cross - and any punch really - you just have to get your hand position right. If the fist doesn't connect with the pad or the bag or whatever, in the right way, you are going to lose so much of your power.

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