What is Boxout?

Boxout is a complete fitness boxing workout program to get you Fighting Fit fast - at home, in the park or anywhere.

Here's what's included in your Home Boxout Program:

  • DVD + CD Twin pack - in a box, mailed from Australia
  • Cardio Boxing Workout on DVD (45mins) PAL format
  • Fitness Boxing Technique session on DVD: how to punch, how to hold pads (20 mins)
  • 3 x "Boxout Blast" workouts on CD (20 mins each). Can be used on iPod/MP3
  • EasyStart Guide: How to get Fighting Fit in 4 weeks - 6 page PDF Guide
  • Jab the Flab PDF: 21 weight loss secrets that real boxers use

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Bonuses – One page ‘cheat sheets’ on PDF

  • Equipment Guide - how to choose the right boxing gear
  • The Combos - 41 Authentic Boxing Combos
  • Women's Self Defense tips

PRO version for Trainers

Sneak peek - how to punch

Your Personal Boxing Trainer in a Box!
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How it works — your first 4 weeks

The better you punch the better your fitness results. That's why Boxout focuses on correct “form” at the start - so you’ll get much fitter, much quicker. Here’s a snapshot of your first 4 weeks. If you already know how to box, you can progress even faster.

Week 1:

TECHNIQUE is your key to success. Learn the moves by following the Technique section of DVD – plus a few rounds of Shadow Boxing on the DVD workout. Refer to the EasyStart PDF Guide for still photos and step by step instructions.

Week 2:

Now you’re ready for a full Boxout Cardio class on DVD – using focus pads (+partner), punching bag or shadow boxing in front of a mirror. Just follow the combos and moves on the screen!

Week 3:

Stay with the Cardio class on DVD or switch to the MP3 Boxout Blast workouts. Now you can focus on your target (bag, pads etc) instead of looking at a screen.

Week 4:

Congratulations - you madeit to Week 4. Try the more advanced CD/MP3 workouts. You can also refer back to the Technique section to master the more challenging combos.

Well done, you went the distance!

Where to now?

Keep training 2-3 times a week - just 20 mins solo or 40 mins with a partner. Improve your technique and fitness with every workout. Either use the DVD workout, or challenge yourself by attempting the more advanced 5 round workouts on CD/MP3.

The ipod workout - hear a sample

Ipod workout

Use the CD/ipod workout at home - or take it outdoors

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More questions? See the FAQ page.