While we'd love to answer every question personally - we find many of the same questions about Boxout come up again and again. Take a look below and you might find what you're looking for. If you have a question that's not answered in this website or FAQs below - by all means send it through - and we will reply. For email contact form, scroll to the end of this page.

Answers to the most common questions about Boxout's program

1. What is Boxout?

Boxout is a complete "at home" fitness boxing program - to get you Fighting Fit in 4 weeks. You get a complete package including Quickstart guide, DVD+CD workout twin pack, weight loss/diet secrets AND bonuses including self defence tips and a real cute boxing glove keyring!

2. Can I really do a boxing workout at home?

Yes - with Boxout you simply learn the moves on the DVD, then join the DVD Cardio workout. As you get better you can try the audio workouts included in the Twin Pack. To learn more see PRODUCT PAGE.

3. Will anyone punch me?

Of course not - and you won't punch anyone either. Boxout is Fitness Boxing - which means you'll get fit not hit. Boxout focuses on punching pads, not people!

4. Is Boxout like Aerobics?

Not really - Boxout is much more fun! Aerobics uses a "dance beat", where Boxout uses authentic punches at a target (focus pads, bag or mirror) Of course, if you don't have any equipment or a partner, you can still use the DVD just like an aerobics video - but we call it shadow boxing. To learn more see PRODUCT PAGE.

5. Who can do Boxout?

Anyone and everyone, from beginners to advanced. Fitness boxing is the the king of cardio - and suits people bored by "Aerobics". Others want to learn to punch before they join that boxing class at the gym. Personal Trainers also buy Boxout - to learn about technique and pick up new ideas.

6. Will Boxout help me lose weight?

Yes, as long as you use it. Boxing style workout burn more calories than just about anything - which means more weight loss. Also we include "Jab the Flab" - weight loss & diet secrets that real boxers use. Check out Tania's story on the Testimonials - she's lost more than 20kgs (40lbs) with Boxout and the right diet. To learn more see BODY BENEFITS PAGE.

7. What equipment do I need?

This depends whether you are likely to work out with a partner or by yourself, and whether you want to use equipment or not. Remember, you can do the DVD+CD workouts simply by shadow boxing, by yourself, into a mirror. However focus pads and a partner is the most fun ! So find a partner and get some gloves and some focus pads - now you're all set to get fighting fit, fast. To learn more about equipment - see the last question on this page.

8. Do I need a partner?

You only need a partner if you choose to do pad work. Although Boxout workouts are designed to be done with a partner - with gloves and focus pads - they can also be done on your own if you have access to any type of punching bag. They can also be done shadow boxing - without equipment - in front of a mirror.

9. Is there a Guarantee?

Yes! Boxout will get you Fighting Fit, Guaranteed! - if you use it! If you follow the Boxout program for a month - just 30 minutes every second day - but aren't fitter, stronger and floating like a butterfly - just email our fighting fitness experts by using the form at the bottom of contact page. If our gurus can't fix the problem, just send back the DVD + CD Twin Pack plus the Program within 60 DAYS from purchase date - and we will refund you in full - AND you can keep the bonuses!

10. Why do I need a program?

Boxing beginners who try to punch a bag by themselves generally last about 20 seconds. They run out of ideas and they run out of breath. Technique gets thrown out the window - because they don't have a structure. The same applies when people try to punch or hold focus pads (mitts) . With Boxout you get a plan, technique and motivation - so you actually DO IT!

11. How long are the workouts?

The workouts range from 20-45 minutes depending on if you work out with a partner on pads or by yourself (on a bag or shadow boxing). If you workout solo the cardio workouts are just 20 minutes. Every second day, that's only one hour a week ! If you train with a partner, workouts will take longer because you swap the pads and gloves over at the end of each round. So if you train with a friend - a full workout lasts 45 minutes. See PRODUCT DEMO CLIP on product page.

12. Why is there a CD, in addition to the DVD?

It means you can load the tracks on your MP3 player and take the workouts outside (or just play them on your CD player). It also means you can now focus on the target, not the screen. This is the right way to do a boxing workout. Of course, you can just stick with the DVD, if you prefer.

13. Is the CD just the audio track from the DVD?

No. The CD has 3 complete Boxout 5 round workouts which were especially recorded as audio only tracks. So there is more verbal instruction on the CD, and more visual, obviously, on the DVD.

14. It says I get 5 Boxout workouts with. What are they?

  • You get a 20 minute Punch and Hold technique workout on DVD
  • You get a 45 minute Cardio workout on DVD
  • You get 3 x 20 minute Cardio workouts on CD (or 40 minutes if you train with a partner)

15. How fit do I have to be?

Good health is essential, and a basic level of fitness helps. But that said, you can simply do one or two rounds when you are getting started, then slowly build week by week. Just work at your own pace.

16. I'm lazy - What about motivation?

The Boxout workouts on DVD and CD motivate and guide you through the entire workout - giving you a structure - including timed 3 minute rounds to music, the combos, intensity, fun and plenty of technique tips. You can also be inspired by joining the Boxout worldwide community - so you can share stories and become inspired by the many Boxout success stories.

17. My partner is lazy - can they hold pads for me without working out?

Yes. Your partner can learn to be a pad holder without throwing a punch - and without working up sweat. Just like your own Personal Trainer. They can hold pads for you for 20 minutes, then lay back down on the sofa.

18. I've got some injuries - can I still Boxout?

Fitness Boxing has risks, like any exercise. You should get a medical check up before starting this or any exercise program. If in doubt, do not work out.

19. I've never thrown a punch in my life - can I still Boxout?

Yes. Boxing is like any sport - it can be learned. The program includes all you need to learn the punches and the pad holding, so you can get fighting fit.

20. Will Boxout build me or tone me?

Fitness Boxing will tone you, not build you. And remember, a good punch uses the lower body and mid section - so you will work those areas too.

21. How long will the product take to arrive?

In Australia, allow one week. For International orders allow 2-3 weeks depending on which country you live in.

22. Is the DVD PAL?

Yes - it is in PAL and will work on PAL friendly DVD players, and on computers. The CD will work on any CD player.

23. Where can I buy equipment? And what should I buy?

Fitness Boxing is booming these days - so there are are loads of places you can buy equipment. In fact the amount of choice online is huge, mind boggling even. So we have tried to simplify it for you - by selecting some providers and products. Of course, you can always try your local sports store - and most good ones have boxing gear these days. Ask for a minimum of 1 x set of focus pads (these are the hand targets) & 1 x set of gloves (which you can swap with your partner). Hand wraps are a good idea (approx $10) - which go underneath the gloves and protect the hands. Gloves should be $30-50, Pads about $40 - $60.

You should be able to get the lot for less than $100 Australian dollars. Punching bags start around $50 (if you have gloves, pads and a partner you don't need a bag).

Buying Boxing gear online? Here are 4 choices:

In Australia: Boxout's preferred provider is: UniversalSelfDefence.com.au - which stock Morgan Gear, a low cost, good quality brand Boxout has used for over 10 years. Patrick Moore from Boxout has chosen a selection of 6 gear packs with small (8oz), Medium (12oz) and Large (16oz) boxing gloves + Pads. Some come with wraps. Visit http://www.universalselfdefence.com.au/shopping/training_packs_195/195/1. Universal Self Defence are a completely separate organisation from Boxout - so any (hardware) equipment matters, please direct to them.

RebelSports.com.au also sell in Australia, but are more expensive. The Twins brand is good quality, but expensive.

USA / International: Try TitleBoxing.com or Ringside.com for a huge range of brands. Prices and quality are good, but postage is expensive outside the USA.

Try Google: Type in: Focus Pads (also known as Focus Mitts), Boxing gloves, hand wraps, home delivery etc

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