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Testimonial 1

Age: 38

I find peace through boxing (and has lost 23kgs or 50 pounds in 5 months).
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Testimonial 2

Ioni D & Hamish D
Age: Early 30's

I'm in the smallest pair of jeans I've ever been in. The post-baby body is gone. I've lost weight and I have muscle.
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Testimonial 3

Rowena S
Age: 27

I definitely feel 100% fit, and I've lost quite a bit weight from Boxout - 10kgs (22lbs) - so that's awesome!
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About the guy who will get you fighting fit - Patrick Moore

Author, pro boxing trainer, black belt, and creator of the original Boxout Workouts, over the last decade Patrick Moore has personally trained more than 50 000 people to get fighting fit - 70% of them, women. Since 1994, when he ran his first class in an ancient Rocky style boxing gym - he has trained elite athletes and absolute beginners - from 8 to 78 years old. Patrick is also the founder of Fitness Boxing International (FBI Boxing) - which trains and accredits personal trainers world wide.

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From the pro corner to your corner

Patrick has 2 decades of experience in martial arts and boxing, including as a full-contact martial arts fighter with World Association of Martial Arts - where he won the middleweight bare-knuckle state title. Patrick hung up his belt to become a pro corner man, with Mark Pitts' International Pro Boxing team. This team travelled to the UK, Africa, USA and Europe with pro boxers competing at the highest level, including 3 world title bouts. Patrick now uses his authentic background to help ordinary people at home achieve great fitness and lasting weight loss.

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1. Burns Calories - lots of them!

2. Fires up your Metabolism

3. Targets 'problem' zones: Abs & thighs

4. Sculpts your Shoulders

5. Tones your Back & Arms

6. Works your Core

7. Boxing is the King of Cardio

8. 'Shocks' your body into shape

9. Real Sweat = Real Results - no gimmicks!

10. It's great fun - so you DO IT!

23 kilos (50lbs) in 5 months - Well done Tania!

Tania before and after

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For many, the biggest benefit of all is beyond the physical. While the weight loss and fitness are great - the best part is how Fitness Boxing makes you feel. When you throw a great punch you feel confident, focused and empowered. There's nothing quite like it. After the workout you get that special feeling you can take on the world, and win. That's what it means to be Fighting Fit.

Why can change your body

Anyone with an understanding of boxing or martial arts knows throwing a good punch is more than just flinging your arm out in front of you. Its all about learning proper technique; leg drive, hip drive and twisting your torso. This means it is not just your upper body, but your lower body and mid section that are doing the work. If you practice good technique the way the Boxout Program shows you - you'll be using your Abs, thighs and hips with every punch.

Boxout will tone you, not build you

While a good punch uses the lower body, there's plenty of upper body benefits too. Fitness Boxing won't build you, but it will tone and sculpt. It's not only the punches that do it - even keeping you hands up for 3 minutes is a workout in itself ! That means chiseled shoulders, trim triceps - and oh yes, a sexy back.

Boxing for Cross Training

Many athletes are now using Boxing style workouts to cross train and condition themselves for their competitive sport. From swimmers and surfers wanting shoulder endurance and core strength, to runners and cyclists who want to work their legs. Fitness boxing spices up training routines by adding variety and fun. And because fitness boxing is a change from the usual routine, the body has to adapt - so it's "shocked" into becoming fitter, stronger, leaner.

Stay fit in one hour a week

How would you like to stay fit in just one hour a week? Impossible? Not at all. Once you have learned the moves on DVD, the Boxout audio workouts mean you can work out solo at home for just 20 minutes three times a week - that's it! Just five x 3 minute rounds, using the tried and tested Boxout format - on either a punching bag, shadow boxing or focus pads. If you train with a partner, it's still only 40 minutes - because you swap pads and gloves each time.

Forget Aerobics.... get Fighting Fit instead! in just one hour a week

Who wants to join a flashy health club where you have to dress up just to work out ? Or do silly moves in an aerobics class. Or pound the treadmill and get nowhere? No wonder people drop out of the Gym scene. With an authentic Boxout workout you feel empowered because you're learning a real skill - it's fitness with a purpose. You no longer feel like you "should" exercise. Now you want to!

I've spent 18 years developing the Boxout product, so you can get the ultimate boxing workout at home. If you have any questions, you can contact me personally on

Skype me at mooreismoore
Patrick Moore Do you want to see where it all started ?
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Activity Calories/hr
Walking (normal pace) 395
Cycling (9mph) 490
Aerobics 505
Swimming (slow crawl) 630
Running (11.5 min mile) 665
Boxing Fitness 800
From Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness Magazine